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Fitness Email Copy 

Subject Line:  

Take 5 minutes to change your life 


Can you imagine being able to change your life in less than 10 minutes a day? What about 5 minutes? What if I told you that you could create the body and lifestyle that you have always wanted starting with a short workout that will take you less time then it takes to brew your coffee in the morning? I know what you're thinking, nothing changes in the time it takes to make a cup of coffee.  

So many of us wait till the inspiration motivates us. Maybe it's a new years resolution, or you see an old friend on Instagram who was overweight and now is in the best shape of their life. You want to make the change because you are tired of not being able to fit your clothes anymore. It is embarrassing and you just wish you had the time to make the change. Then you think of all the responsibilities that you have to take care of and you get discouraged. When are you going to take the time for yourself? The greatest story that you have ever told, but never read. Sitting on the shelf because you have too many things to do. When will you take the time to truly honor yourself? 

For a limited time, I am offering a free e-book called “5 minutes snacks” that guides through 5 minute workouts that you can incorporate into your day. 5 minutes may not seem like much, but it is about developing the habit. Giving yourself a smaller commitment takes the weight over of your shoulders(no pun intended), and gives you a simple goal to achieve. Once you are in that space 5 minutes might turn into 10 or 20 minutes. Exercise doesn't need to be hard, sweat filled days in the gym. Every fitness journey begins one movement at a time.  

This book is free for a limited time. No strings attached, no magic tricks, no need to buy anything. Click the link below for access. 

Transformation Begins With You Social Media Copy 

Transformation begins with you 

On the path to your fitness goals, you need a plan🧩. A plan that takes the goal you have in mind and breaks it down into bite size chewable pieces. One that has detailed exercise routines🏋🏾, daily dietary plans🥗, and a weekly mental assessment🧠 to develop all parts of your well-being🧘‍♂️. A lot of people quit before they even take the first step👣 because they think they can just wing it. While that might work at the start, for solid and consistent gains you have to implement a plan and stick to it. That is where I come in. 

Being a personal fitness trainer for over 10 years, I have seen it all. From the overweight mom who wants to get back the body she had before kids, to the Olympic athlete who needs an extra push to get through the Olympic trials. Whatever place you find yourself in, life is sport for all of us, and we all should be equipped to play. Whatever your goal and reason for wanting to engage in a workout regime, you need a plan. It is like a guide map for a treasure hunt🗺. You know the treasure you want to seek, and the map shows you the route you need to take to get there. Along the way, you can discover the inner power it takes to create the life of your dreams.  

Right now, I am taking on 💯 clients who want to take their fitness to a whole new level. The program starts with helping you reach your personal goals, then if you feel called I will help you become a trainer and coach yourself. From following the regime yourself to teaching you the ins and outs of being a personal trainer. In this way you become the artist and  the masterpiece. I am having a zoom meeting for those of you seeking mentorship. Click the link below, pick a time and fill out your information to sign up. Your life will never be the same.

Letter From The CEO Copy 

Letter From Ron Pugh The CEO of Lit Culture 

First of all, I would like to thank you for your purchase and trusting in the Lit Culture brand. You are not just purchasing a product, you are investing into a movement. A movement with the goal of bringing holistic and ancient practices to a world in need of relief. We take great pride in delivering you products that are of the highest quality, but what does that really mean? It is knowing that through each step, from growth to harvest, from lab testing to packaging then to you, we have done so with integrity and a standard of holding you in the highest regard. That is my pledge to you, and the whole Lit Culture movement, to be a conduit where science and nature’s medicine can meet to give back to the people true ways to maintain a higher sense of being. Each one of us deserves that, and together with that mentality we can help recreate this world and ourselves. 

Remember the mantra 

Stay Awake. Stay Ready. Stay Lit 

From the CEO and founder of Lit Culture, 

Ron Pugh

Sacred Healing Grounds Bio Copy 

Welcome to Sacred Healing Grounds.  


This foundation was created for the purpose of helping women to build nurturing connections and relationships, as well as establish thriving businesses. We all have dreams that seem far-fetched when we ponder on them alone. Yet, when you surround yourself with the power of a community, an unstoppable force links between those involved. A force that can take connections envisioned within the mind, and bring them into reality, one vision at a time.  


For a couple of years, I myself have been building, planning and connecting to realize my own purpose. I have had a vision of opening a wellness center where women from all over the world could gather. I saw them sharing with one another practices to develop their spirit within. I envisioned women creating feminine products and teaching information with the purpose of actually bringing health to the body. I vividly imagined holding seminars where powerful speakers engaged audiences within the same walls. They were talking about building thriving relationships and sustainable and successful businesses, and helping women to see where their true power resided...within themselves.  


This center is for the woman who is a go-getter who stops at nothing to achieve her dreams.   


It is for the woman who practices the greatest form of love...the love of oneself. It is from this place that we can truly learn to offer others love from an unconditional place.   


Sacred Healing Grounds is for the woman with an entrepreneurial spirit, who knows there is more within them to share with the world.  


If you're anything like me, you probably have had bumps along the road to where you are now. You may have been wondering where to start, or how to execute your plan and vision. At Sacred Healing Grounds, the community can help you shed the layers, and help you move past the obstacles that once seemed so large and insurmountable. Every great story begins with the first word. Every business or practice starts with simply making the choice to do it.  


I have come to realize that you do not need to know all the answers. None of us do.  You just need to master your purpose, and share what you do know with the collective around you .  


Join me on the journey of a lifetime,  where you will meet the Goddess within yourself as well as the other women within the community. 


Welcome to Sacred Healing Grounds… a place you can be 100% yourself, everyday for the rest of your life. 


Kia Smiles 

Founder of SHG

Lit Culture Mission Statement 

Lit Culture Mission Statement 

We are the freethinkers 

Innovators introducing a modern take on ancient living 

Creating a culture countering prescription 

Standing out from the masses  

while at the same time elevating our community 

From humble beginnings to evolving into the mainstream 

Through a consistency of quality products and an authentic approach  

We deliver energy that is natural 

Relaxation that is blissful 

A focus that is supreme 

And a promise that is trustworthy  

held in this mantra 

Stay Ready. Stay Awake. Stay Lit.

Cold Call Follow Up Letter Copy 

Inquiry and Cold Call Follow Up Letter 

Thank you for considering becoming a partner with Lit Culture. When aligning with us, you really do become a partner as we work in tandem to develop and build our business together. We are dedicated to offering you top of line service and products to earn your trust and business. While we expand within the marketplace and you make the choice to carry our products, you are guaranteeing your business and your customers a product line that far surpasses others in the market. 

    Our products offer a variety of premium options for consumers. Our kratom infused  

coffee and tea present a unique perspective on your cup of morning joe or pick me up throughout the day, without the normal crash of caffeine based drinks. For a quick boost of energy on the fly, our Butterscotch and Black Honey Tinctures are available in a grab and go container. A twist of the cap and your customers unlock a tonic that can help enrich their focus and assist them in finding ease in their day. We also offer a 100% organic hemp wrap free of additives for a clean cut experience.   

    When you do business with Lit Culture, you are partnering with an innovative company with a line up of products that outshine all other brands within the market. Our CEO has been within the business for over a decade and has taken his experiences to build a better brand from his lessons learned. From expanding on the concepts that worked, and reshaping and rebuilding those that did not, he has created a company and product line that rises far above the competition. Lit Culture offers top of line Grade A customer service because we take you beyond the lines of a customer, and offer you the level of service that we expect for ourselves. As partners in business we extend to you with the highest level of courtesy. Whether that is giving you premium lab tested products across the board, detailed attention to order placement and delivery, or fine tuning our approach to meet your specific needs, you are guaranteed our best and most genuine efforts. We have attached 3D rendering, sales and price sheets to this email to see and get to know our products.  

    There is so much more to come from our company. We are excited for the next phases of our growth and encourage you to partner with us. Together our businesses can thrive and raise the standard within the counterculture market.

Gold Level Kratom Copy 

Gold Level Kratom K Cup Tea 

(105 milligrams) 

If grandma found a way to take her tea party and make it “turn up”, you can be sure that she had to get her blend from Lit Culture. Our premium and most potent extract blend of kratom infused peppermint tea is taking tea to a different dimension. Our tonic may offer aid in reaching higher levels of focus and relaxation, without the dreaded crash from most caffeine drinks. Whether you are an experienced kratom aficionado, or just feeling like taking your tea game to the next level, our kratom infused peppermint tea is in a league of its own.This is next level, this is Lit Culture.

Silver Level Kratom Cup Copy 

Summary Copy 

Lit Culture Red Vein Bali Superior Kratom...yes it sounds like a mouthful, but sometimes you can not describe those blissful moments with simple words. This kratom powder has the potential to assist you as you reach for euphoric bliss and a deepening relaxation, melting away stress and anxiety. Discomfort can become a teacher when your sense of wellbeing is in proper alignment, a by-product of what you will experience with the Lit Culture take on Red Vein Bali Kratom. Leave the troubles of the world behind, and find a natural way to boost the quality of your life. 

Kratom Capsule Sales Summary Copy 

Summary Copy 

Lit Culture Red Vein Bali Superior Kratom...yes it sounds like a mouthful, but sometimes you can not describe those blissful moments with simple words. This kratom powder has the potential to assist you as you reach for euphoric bliss and a deepening relaxation, melting away stress and anxiety. Discomfort can become a teacher when your sense of wellbeing is in proper alignment, a by-product of what you will experience with the Lit Culture take on Red Vein Bali Kratom. Leave the troubles of the world behind, and find a natural way to boost the quality of your life. 

Kratom Capsules Sales Slick 

Lit Culture Superior Extract Kratom Capsules 

Sales Slick 

Our Lit Culture Red Vein Bali Superior Kratom capsules contain one of the most potent strains of kratom on the market. This premium strand assists in achieving a natural energy boost that does not fade and crash into oblivion, but rather help set the sails into the peaceful shores of euphoric bliss as you reach to find ease for an agitated mind. 

Grown naturally on the fertile islands of Bali, Indonesia the hot and humid climate gives the kratom plant the roots to thrive organically. This strain boasts a high alkaloid content which creates the chemical compounds that offers its consumers an organic and natural way to alleviate discomfort. Red Vein Bali is harvested by the natives of Bali, and has been used by their southwest Asian ancestors for thousands of years, both for medicinal and recreational purposes. Once harvested the leaves are dried, crushed and pressed into a powder form where they are tested in our labs so that we can ensure you the highest potency as well as the premium quality you expect from Lit Culture.